Honda CRX Test Drive Goes bad! Guy Gets T-Boned!

Honda’s CRX will forever be a treasure to the import faithful. The compact ...

Honda’s CRX will forever be a treasure to the import faithful. The compact hatch had an ideal mix of handling, fuel economy and peppy performance that made them ideal for daily drivers. They’re also widely considered perfect candidates for swapping in larger and more powerful engines due to their small size and light weight design.

The video below shows a CRX owner who’s apparently just done some upgrades to his K20-swapped ride taking it out for a spin to see how the car runs. He runs up through the RPM range a few times and, despite being on fairly narrow car-lined city streets, he seems comfortable with his speed. As he cruises through the city, a car appears from he left, entering the roadway from a side street and nosing into the side of the CRX. The camera is knocked to the floor and goes black, but we can hear the driver complaining of neck pain.

We can’t help but wonder why the driver chose to try to accelerate through the intersection instead of stopping, but regardless, we hope all parties involved are okay and the damage to the car isn’t too severe.

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