How in the World Did This Woman Survive Such a Brutal Car Accident? She Even Called The Ambulance Herself!

While navigating the streets, there are a lot of factors to keep an eye on. You ...

While navigating the streets, there are a lot of factors to keep an eye on. You can’t simply get to your destination without having your head on a swivel, looking every which way to make sure that you don’t get yourself tied up in a bad spot. However, for the driver behind the wheel of this Audi, it turns out that she got herself tied up in a bad situation and somehow lived to tell about it. From looking at the carnage that was left behind after the crash, you wouldn’t think that she would still be walking around and able to tell her story. It’s really a miracle happening right in front of our eyes.

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In this one, we watch the moment that the car would clip something, causing it to go airborne, crashing through a sign, and making it come to rest uncomfortably up against a wall that wouldn’t budge. Unfortunately, the car would be in shambles, but somehow, the person behind the wheel was in good enough shape that they were even able to call the ambulance that came to the scene and stabilize the driver before transporting her to the hospital where she would remain in critical condition. That’s not exactly how you want to end your commute, but it could have also been a lot worse than it was!

Follow along with the video below that shows you the footage that’ll put you on the scene to see how this one ended up unfolding. After watching this one for yourself, be sure to tell us all about what factors you think led up to sending this car through the air and having it meet such an ugly fate.

According to the man filming she escaped unscathed and called emergency services herself!

Posted by ‎מוסכניקים מצייצים – Mechanic‎ on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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