How to Build a Car From Spare Parts

There are some people out there who have constructing things with their hands in ...

There are some people out there who have constructing things with their hands in their blood and some people who just don’t. If you’re not one of those who has the need to build ingrained in your DNA, don’t fret because we think that just about anyone could enjoy this display.

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This time, we ride along with a journey that truly has a car being constructed from spare parts in a process that might be difficult even for one of the most experienced mechanics. Lots of fabrication goes into making something like this come to life!

From top to bottom, everything on this car has to be custom fit to make sure that all of the pieces in this mechanical puzzle are able to come together and make one coherent piece that can run, drive, and otherwise be a functional piece of transportation.

Check out the video below as the truly one-off machine gets pieced together and our heroic fabricator comes up against a variety of challenges during a build that says is one of the toughest that he has ever come across.

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