How Would you Handle this Hit & Run Situation? Truck Rams Vehicle Trying to Leave!

Stories of hit and run incidents are pretty common, but this one is a little ...

Stories of hit and run incidents are pretty common, but this one is a little different. There’s so much going on here that it’s kind of hard to sort out, but we think we’ve gotten it figured out and we’ll try to lay it out here to help you understand too.

From what we can tell, before the camera started rolling, there was a minor fender bender involving this small Toyota SUV and two other vehicles: the silver pickup seen in the video and another vehicle that’s not shown. After the initial incident, the Toyota attempted to leave the scene, but the driver of the Silverado was determined not to let that happen, opting to take matters into his own hands and use his pickup as a sort of mobile barrier in an attempt to keep the perpetrator at the scene until police arrive to sort things out. The driver of the small SUV attempts to back away from the truck so he can leave, despite the truck’s driver yelling for him to shut off his engine, and eventually ramming the front of the Toyota in what appeared to be an attempt to disable the fleeing vehicle.

However, just as the police arrive on the scene, the SUV manages to slip past the truck, headed down the road at as fast as it’s engine will pull it, while the crowd of onlookers begin to pepper the officer with conflicting information. However, the owner of the unseen vehicle that was also hit by the SUV steps forward and sends the officer off after the correct vehicle, which now has a sizable head start over the pursuing policeman.

We can’t help but note, in true “America in 2017” fashion, there’s somebody in the crowd who doesn’t have a clue about what actually happened, actually painting the SUV driver as the victim, and of course, she’s the most outspoken bystander at the scene when the officer arrives. Thankfully the officer ignored her and pursued the correct vehicle.

How would you handle the Hit & Run Situation?… I would probably do what this guy did too!

Posted by TunerCult.com on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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