INSANE 55 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY!!

INSANE 55 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY!!Enter for your chance to win this ...

INSANE 55 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY!!

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At the start of this race, it looks like the second generation Chevrolet Camaro is the one getting ready to eat the wall. However, a plot twist ensues! As the Camaro slides about, the owner of the ‘55 Chevy appears to let his opponent’s mishap get the best of his focus. Instead of lifting off of the gas, instinct tells the ’55 driver to attempt to swerve out of the way.


He’s able to avoid running into the Camaro, but unable to avoid getting his heavy Chevy sideways. What happens next is truly terrifying. As the tires catch a little too much pavement while sliding sideways, the car rolls multiple times and the driver’s legs exit the vehicle. While it appears that the car is equipped with a proper roll cage, that doesn’t really help when your harness malfunctions. Maybe he hit Nitrous, any details? Check out what some people online in the social world are saying.

This Chevy screams to life with 632ci of POWER!

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