Intense Body Cam Video Shows Car Slamming Into Accident Scene 🎥

This is some of the most intense, raw footage you will ever see, but this video needs ...

This is some of the most intense, raw footage you will ever see, but this video needs to be seen by as many people as possible to help spread awareness of how you should drive when approaching the site of a crash. Regardless of whatever your priority may be, there’s nothing so important that you can’t slow down for a brief few seconds while passing an investigation or even an officer with another citizen stopped for a routine traffic stop. Not only is it just good manners, it’s a matter of safety for all parties involved. All it takes is one single moment of inattention, which happens often when drivers pass by the scene of a crash.

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As you can see, this officer’s dash cam is rolling as he is one of the first to arrive on the scene of this three-car accident. He quickly assesses the situation and make sure everybody is okay. Finding some injuries but none that seem to be life-threatening, the officer radios for the ambulance before beginning to try to take control of the scene and find out what happened.

Just as it seems things are beginning to calm down, another incident occurs, this time a pickup turning across traffic is t-boned by an oncoming car, when send the truck plowing into two of the cars that were involved in the original accident. Several of the people who had stopped to help, including another officer, were hit by the cars during the second crash, though again, no major injuries occurred.

If there’s ever been better proof that you should pay attention to the road, this is it, as this could have ended badly for everybody involved. Take your time out there on the roads, slow down when you’re approaching a crash scene, even if it isn’t directly in your path of travel, and even more especially if the weather is foul.

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