Is Drifting Your Supercar in the Snow a new Trend? Supercar Snowpocolypse

When money is no object, you get to do stuff that the general public would call ...

When money is no object, you get to do stuff that the general public would call “crazy”. You know, things like drifting supercars in the snow at 100 MPH! That’s exactly what the “crazy” guys at Daily Driven Exotics did when faced with piles of snow. Loading up in a badass tandem consisting of an Audi R8 and a Lamborghini Gallardo, these guys hit the Autodrome in Quebec for some drifting in the white stuff and it looks like they’re having all the fun!

Between these two badass supercars, these guys have about 1,000 horsepower on tap and nearly no traction, making drifting even more effortless than it would normally be in two high-powered exotics, allowing the drivers to stretch out the curves and endlessly slide around the track on the edge of control. It’s especially cool to see the drifting action extending into the twilight, with the sun fading and the cars’ headlights illuminating the snow as they slide through the sweeping turns.

If this doesn’t look like fun to you, maybe see a doctor and have him check for a pulse, as you just might be dead!

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