Is This Really The Fastest RC Airboat In The World Clocking In At 103MPH? (Crashes)

Until I watched this video, I had never even heard of an RC airboat, so I had no idea ...

Until I watched this video, I had never even heard of an RC airboat, so I had no idea what to expect. After seeing this one in action, I kind of want one of my own now!

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It looks like YouTuber Dan Jones built this airboat with one goal in mind: speed! And this thing is definitely wicked fast. Conditions are just about perfect for making a record run with this monster. The wind is calm and the water is like glass, so Dan takes the boat out away from shore, then turns back toward the opposite bank and lets the boat eat across the lake. In no time, it’s shrieking through the still morning, ripping and impossibly fast trail across the water.

As he’s working the boat back to shore, he has a bit of a close encounter with a paddle boarder before bringing the boat in a little hot, causing it to side right up on the bank. Luckily it doesn’t tumble or flip, so there’s no damage to the boat itself. There is a GPS unit on board that recorded the top speed of 166 KPH, which equates to 103 MPH. We aren’t sure if that’s an actual record, but it’s certainly the fastest RC airboat that we have ever seen, considering it’s the first one that we’ve run across.

According to what we were able to find while digging around Dan’s channel, the boat has a limited edition Scorpion 42mm brushless motor with a 25mm can and 610kv windings. Those of you who are familiar with the electric RC world know what those numbers mean, I personally do not, but I think I’ll be setting out to learn more soon. It also has a Castle Creations 160 amp ESC controlling the motor, if you’re interested in trying to replicate this thing on your own. However, it’s pretty obvious there is a lot more to know than just the motor and ESC specs if you want to replicate this performance, so you better get to studying up.

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