Is this the Biggest 8×8 Jeep in the World? Will it Make it Through a Bounty Hole?

When you look at some of the machines that hit the mud, a lot of these things are ...

When you look at some of the machines that hit the mud, a lot of these things are certified bad to the bone, being purpose-built to take on just about any obstacle. Some of these wild off-roaders really look like there is no creation, natural or otherwise, that will be able to contain them and hold them back from plowing right on through whatever is in their path.

This 8×8 Mega Jeep looks like exactly that creation that would be able to blast through whatever it is that you have in mind. This time, we get the luxury of seeing this monster get into action as it roars to life and tries to scream through some deep and challenging mud.

Check out the video down below as that action is broadcasted to us to see just how stout this Jeep really is. Will it be able to back up all the aggressiveness of that it shows on the surface or will this monster of a machine fail to live up to expectations?

After looking at it do you have any last second guesses as to what’s actually going to happen when the driver unleashes his foot on the accelerator and really puts all of those parts to the test and abuses them?

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