Jumping Your Jeep Into an Above Ground Pool Might Not Be a Great Idea!

I’m not going to go ahead and accuse anybody of being drunk here but, when you ...

I’m not going to go ahead and accuse anybody of being drunk here but, when you see a Jeep Cherokee launched into a swimming pool, you have to assume that maybe some liquid encouragement might have been involved in the equation somewhere that had this Jeep covered in water over the hood.

To set the scene, it looks like somebody got the bright idea of building a couple of ramps and using their Jeep to turn themselves into their very own backyard version of the Evel Knievel, launching the poor SUV over the above-ground swimming pool… At least that was how they pictured it going.

Instead, over here in reality, we’re able to see the results of the plan that didn’t really come to fruition as the ramp gave under the pressure of the Jeep’s weight and the Jeep ended up plowing straight through the side of the pool, getting itself nice and stuck in the water and leaving the crew to have to cut open the side of the pool to get the Jeep back out again.

Ride along with the situation down below and tell us what you would’ve done if you were on the scene here. Personally, I don’t think I would’ve gotten in their way, I probably would’ve also pulled out my camera just like the guy here did to capture all of the action that came from this obscure scene.

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