Kayla Morton From Street Outlaws vs Nasty Big Tire Impala!

In case you haven’t noticed, Kayla Morton has a badass hotrod! A couple of ...

In case you haven’t noticed, Kayla Morton has a badass hotrod! A couple of weeks ago, Redemption No Prep was cancelled due to rain, so Wichita Raceway Park decided to throw together a little impromptu race for all the no prep hitters that found themselves suddenly looking for an event for the weekend. Kayla and many of the biggest names in no prep made the trip and the race ended up being a pretty good show considering the whole thing was put together in just a couple of days.

Miss Morton loaded up her Mustang, a ProCharged big block Ford powered tornado on big tires and rolled in the gates looking to kick some ass on the tricky WRP surface, and that’s exactly what she did. On her way to the Big Tire class win, Kayla took on the twin turbocharged Impala out of the Baker’s Hot Rod Shop, a car that has won its share of no prep matchups. Just last week, in fact, we shared a video of the Baker’s Impala outrunning Doc and the Street Beast. However, Kayla would have none of that as she laid down a pretty solid run while the boosted Impala fought traction issues the whole way down, eventually falling silent as Kayla streaked away into the night to take the win.

Kayla would go on to take the win in Big Tire and take home the payday from Wichita Raceway Park, proving just how deadly her combination is. With all that Ford power under the hood, big steamrollers out back, and a lightweight chassis, it will be hard to slow her down on any surface, but she really shines in the no prep world, and that’s perfectly fine with her. She and her boyfriend Boosted GT can hit the no prep circuit together, her in Big Tire and him in Small Tire, and live out the perfect racing relationship!

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