Kye Kelley Out Fishing the Streets of New Orleans… Does This Look Familiar?

If you’ve ever hung out around the street racing crowd, you might understand ...

If you’ve ever hung out around the street racing crowd, you might understand that it is very much a hustler’s game in many situations. While some people will be honest to you, other times, you have to be incredibly sharp to know when a shark is sneaking up on you and trying to take your money. There are a lot of people out there who will twist and turn things in certain ways to make them appear in a way that is very unlike reality. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a bad or dishonest thing, but it’s definitely the nature of the beast when you want to head out and street race which is something that everybody learns sooner or later.

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This time, we check out the scene that’s eerily familiar feeling as Kye Kelley and Corey Temple head out to the streets with Moonshine, a car that’s pretty darn quick but sure doesn’t look the part at all to the unsuspecting eye, as they sneak up on the owner of a Porsche 911 turbo and set up a little bit of a race. For some reason, we keep getting flashbacks to Farmtruck and AZN’s fishing sessions of which this skit is almost a carbon copy. Do you think they are trying to hard to mimic Farmtruck and Azn style?

Those new Porsches might be shiny and fast but, there’s no competing with a car that is set up to go to battle on the streets day in and day out. Basically, what we’re getting at here is that the poor Porsche absolutely never had a chance here but that wouldn’t stop the owner from throwing down a stack of money on the race and trying it out!

Check out the video below that shows off these two machines going to battle in the streets for a nice little sum of money. Afterward, be sure to tell us what you think of this little fishing session that had this Porsche owner going home a little lighter in the pockets. It’s situations like these that make you want to watch out for that car that doesn’t look to be fast because most of the time, those are the ones that will sneak up and bite you!

Bonus Scene: Fishing for a Porsche

This dude had no idea what was coming.

Posted by Street Outlaws: New Orleans on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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