LEGO Built Train Does a 6.5ft Tall Vertical Loop

When we were younger, LEGO bricks were the means to create just about anything that ...

When we were younger, LEGO bricks were the means to create just about anything that we could think up. The more creative you got, the bigger the creation you could make with such bricks and the options were really limitless, only bound by how many bricks you actually possessed.

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This time, we checked out a LEGO built toy train that probably wasn’t constructed by a child if we were to guess. This incredibly detailed and high-performing machine manages to pull off an insane maneuver that had to take a lot of thought and some sort of LEGO engineering.

In this production, we watching suspense as the train zooms down the tracks and heads toward a giant loop that would send the train upside down and 6.5 feet into the air. When taking one look at this thing, you can tell that it has had some serious hours invested into making sure that its journey was a success.

Check out the video below that takes the train upside down and really gives you an adrenaline rush as you hope that it makes it through to the other side. Afterward, we get to take a look at the event in slow motion to see exactly how the train managed to stick to the tracks.

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