LEGO Ferrari F40 Time Lapse Will Blow You Away

When you think about some of the most popular toys that have really ingrained ...

When you think about some of the most popular toys that have really ingrained themselves in pop culture over the years, the LEGO brand is definitely one that has to be on that list somewhere. These iconic building blocks have really revolutionized the way that kids play and the way that adults spend their time as well! This is one of those toys that you could spend some time with and none of your other adult friends would even raise an eyebrow, especially when you’re polishing off an incredibly detailed creation like this one that will turn heads whatever you show it off.

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In this video, straight from Hagerty, we get to see a Ferrari F40 coming together in a time lapse that shows each and every brick placed to make this machine come to life on a miniature scale. Even with the square building blocks, they’re able to get some pretty accurate realism going on with this car that really makes it pop! It’s builds like this that really show off what can actually be accomplished with the bricks and how they can be shaped to form just about anything that your heart desires from an exotic car like this to a replica of your dream home and just about everything in between. There’s no telling where the creativity will stop!

Follow along in the video down below as the time lapse gives you a sped up view of how this machine managed to make all pieces fall in place in just about a minute to form one cohesive picture that will really have you doing a double take. After checking out all of the details from this build, be sure to tell us which part year is your favorite as the blocks resemble one of the most iconic Ferraris of all time!

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