Man Tracks Down His Illegally Repossessed Car

Talk about a terrible way to start your day. Imagine, walking out to get into your ...

Talk about a terrible way to start your day. Imagine, walking out to get into your car and finding nothing but a vacant spot where you left it. You don’t owe any money on the car, so the only logical explanation is that your ride has been stolen, right?

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No, it hasn’t been. At least not in this guys case. Instead, a mistake at the bank led to an illegal repossession of his car, and now he’s demanding some answers. As is often the case when a regular citizen goes after a powerful business like a bank, answers are few and far between. Apparently a mistake somewhere in the inner sanctum of the bank led the establishment to believe they had the right to repossess the car despite the car’s current owner, electrician Paul Steinbach, holding the title to the car after buying it at auction. However, the mixup led to a tow truck coming to Steinbach’s house and swiping his car, leaving him without his transportation to and from work as well as the tools he leaves in the car to use while at work. As you can imagine, that would be a huge headache for anybody, especially not having the tools of the trade to go to work or a way to get there.

Steinbach was able to get the mess sorted out, but lost time at work and had to deal with the massive pain in the butt of chasing down a car he legally owns and re-repossessing it from the bank.

Of course, it seems the bank will not have to pay back Steinbach’s lost time and frustration, a common theme when the working class individual is done wrong by Big Business. Do you think if Steinbach had balanced his checkbook and found an error on the bank’s part, he would be allowed to go steal the money with no repercussion? Seems highly unlikely, but it’s okay for the bank to come steal his car due to an error on their part. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in, folks.



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