Mom Approaches Bikers at a Gas Station with Teary Eyes and Her Message is Profound

When a complete stranger approaches you in public, most folks would tend to have ...

When a complete stranger approaches you in public, most folks would tend to have their guard up. These days, it seems like there are one of two reasons that a complete stranger is going to speak up and talk to somebody that they’ve never met. Either they want something or they have a problem with whoever they’re talking to.

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This time, however, we drop in on a mother who has different agenda in mind. When the mom approaches a group of motorcycle riders, she has a completely different motive in mind. It turns out this mom is simply looking out for the health and safety of others in a truly caring and selfless way.

When she was filling up her car with gasoline, she happened to see the group of motorcyclists getting ready to leave the station and took it upon herself to share a message about her son who had just injured himself pretty severely in a recent motorcycle accident, with her intentions being to simply help out the kids and keep them safe.

Check out the video below as a couple of folks who are nothing more than strangers to each other end up embracing and sharing a genuinely heartfelt moment. It’s situations like these that really make us believe that there is still some good left in people.



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