Motorcycle Dips Out When Cops Catch Him Doing Wheelies

“Is that the greatest thing I’ve ever seen?” asked the guy videoing ...

“Is that the greatest thing I’ve ever seen?” asked the guy videoing this scene, and we have to say it is pretty awesome.

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This biker is whipping some circle wheelies in the middle of a city street when an officer rolls up and hits him with the lights and siren. The biker, clearly having no intention of stopping for the police, simply sets his bike down on two wheels, drops back onto the seat, and pulls away from the cruiser. He makes a quick right turn onto another street and races into the distance, driving completely out of sight in a matter of seconds, leaving the policeman in his dust as he’s trying to turn around to attempt to pursue.

The video ends before we see if the officer goes after the motorcycle, but with such a big head start, there’s very little chance this biker even saw this officer again after he raced away from the scene of the crime.

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