Mustang Cobra Nearly Puts it on the Side… The Interior View is Scary!

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Talk about a Butt-Pucker Moment!!!

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This guy is strapped in his Terminator Cobra and ready to make a hit when things get really good, then turn really bad! The Mustang launches hard, sending the nose skyward as the race gets underway. However, the nose keeps climbing, higher and higher, until the car reaches the tipping point, when it rotates on its center axis and very nearly comes down on the driver’s door. The driver does a solid job of keeping the wheels on the ground, however, and brings it safely to a stop without crossing into the other driver’s lane or hitting the wall.

The slow motion video is pretty amazing, showing just how close the car came to coming down on its side, and what a fine job the driver did keeping the Terminator upright and out of the path of the other driver. While there was certainly some damage to the front suspension from the landing, this definitely could have gone much, much worse.

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