Mustang Owner Gets The Shock of a Lifetime as an Integra Beats Him!

Out there in the world of wheels, there are all sorts of combinations to get mixed up ...

Out there in the world of wheels, there are all sorts of combinations to get mixed up in. Once you have selected your platform, all that there is to do is to get to modifying, that is, if you want to go out there and race! In this one, we have a unique matchup that puts an American muscle icon up against a car that might not be seen as much past an economy machine to get you to the grocery store and back, that is, unless you put the right set of eyes on it to truly see the potential of an Acura Integra and spend time wrenching on it to bring it to its maximum potential.

In this one, both of these cars hit the streets as the modestly modified Ford Mustang goes toe to toe with an Integra that has seen a good amount of time in the garage. Even with a turbocharger and probably good amount of weight reduction, could the Integra possibly muscle up enough strength to come around this Mustang from a roll? That’s exactly what we’re finding out here is both drivers head out to the street and lay into the gas pedal to try and out do the guy in the next lane over! I think that, at the end of the day, this one might actually come down to being in driver’s race, giving the advantage to the guy who can throw gears the fastest.

Check out the video below that takes you out to the street to watch these two do battle. After watching a pair of races between these two machines, which do you think is the fittest for survival out there in this dog eat dog world or racing? You have to respect both of these guys for doing a little bit of modification and getting out there to show it off.

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