Nasty 890hp IROC Camaro – Sloppy Mechanics Dyno Day

The 80’s were hardly the ideal time to buy a sports car, though there were some ...

The 80’s were hardly the ideal time to buy a sports car, though there were some really solid platforms built during that decade that would end up being perfect for going fast with some extra work under the hood. Obviously the fox body Mustang will always be a go-to for street car-style builds, but don’t sleep on the IROC-style Camaro as well. With a respectable curb weight and attractive, if somewhat boxy, appearance that looks right at home on the drag strip, the car is a great basis for building a go-fast driver or an all-out drag car.

This IROC has had the ubiquitous LS swap, plus a healthy sounding turbocharger that pushes fresh air into the engine in copious amounts, allowing it to crank out just shy of 900 horsepower to the wheels. Factoring in drivetrain loss, this power plant should be making well over 1,000 HP at the flywheel, meaning there are few cars likely to take it down from a stoplight.

With a solid mix of form and function, the third generation Camaro is perfect for building a low-key sleeper or a snarling quarter mile screamer, especially if you drop in GM’s LS with some boost!

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