Never Use Drag Radials in The RAIN… 3 Rotor Mazda RX-7 Crash

For those who ever donned a set of drag radials on their car or truck, you probably ...

For those who ever donned a set of drag radials on their car or truck, you probably know just how sketchy things can get if it starts to look like it’s going to rain. For most people, when the sky starts to get a little bit gray, it’s time to split and get that car put away so that you’re not forced to drive on a slippery surface with these tires that are built for racing and design to grab traction on dry ground. When it comes time for precipitation to start falling from the sky, things can tend to get pretty ugly on these high-performance tires.

In this one, we catch up with YouTuber, Rob Dahm, as he tells us his story about how he took his three rotor Mazda RX-7 out for a drive, when all of a sudden, the weather snuck up on him and the skies really opened up. At this point, there was nothing that he could do but continue on at a moderate speed and hope that just maybe the car would make it through to the other end. However, unfortunately for Rob, just moments later, we would see that wouldn’t be the case as the bad weather got the best of the car, spinning the Mazda around on the highway and sending it into a wall.

The silver lining in this revelation is that he wasn’t injured and the car wasn’t banged up all that badly, either, however, this is probably a situation he would have liked to avoid. Let this be a message to all of you thinking about heading out in the rain on your drag radials that it most certainly isn’t the best idea that you want to expose those to all kinds of wet weather.

Even if it’s just a short drive, you really never know what could possibly happen that could have you wishing that you never left the garage.

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