News Reporter Catches Shady Shop, Watch Your Back!

We’ve seen this in the past, but it’s just as disgusting each time videos ...

We’ve seen this in the past, but it’s just as disgusting each time videos like this surface: automotive shops taking advantage of what they assume are uneducated drivers, especially women who come in needing service on their vehicles.

This Goodyear franchise in New Jersey diagnosed and repaired the problem with this SUV in no time and at no charge for the guys who came in with broken windshield wipers. But when a pair of women came in with the exact same problem, not only was the repair – a blown fuse that was replaced in less than one minute – going to cost more than $50, but the technicians also “found” other issues with the truck that could lead to failed inspections and cause the vehicle to go out of control, none of which were true statement.

As always, when confronted with the evidence, the shop workers clammed up, but we do find that one of them had been fired and the other disciplined. Hopefully word spreads quickly to other shops and garages not to take advantage of their clientele.

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