Nitrous Gone Wrong! Mustang and Nova Have Nitrous Backfire

When it comes to nitrous, some live and swear by it, others won’t touch it, and ...

When it comes to nitrous, some live and swear by it, others won’t touch it, and then there is a third group this is completely indifferent. This time, we’re up against a couple of guys to go seem to be fans of the giggle gas and it ends up quite literally backfiring on them.

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Chevrolet Nova and Ford Mustang go head-to-head in a battle that has both of their nitrous systems not quite cooperating as a pair of backfires ends up setting both of them back with one being more dangerous and damaging of a scenario than the other.

While the Nova’s backfire causes it to not be able to get off of the line and nothing more, the Mustang suffered a backfire about 80-feet down the drag strip when a giant flame shot out of the hood, while the car slid sideways, out of control. Not only did this probably scare the crap out of the driver, we’d venture to say that it also did a little bit of damage on its way to doing so.

Check out the video below that shows the side-by-side nitrous fail that might just have this pair of drivers reconsidering their setup. We certainly wouldn’t allow a single happening like this to deter someone from using nitrous but on the other hand, it really makes you wonder what could happen.

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