Nobody Was Ready When This Cop Car Burnout Erupted in a Big Old Ball of Flames! 🎥

When it comes to performance secrets that are hiding right in front of your eyes, you ...

When it comes to performance secrets that are hiding right in front of your eyes, you can find them just about anywhere. The great thing about LS power is that there are so many different vehicles in which it hides under the hood of and most of the machine aren’t very difficult to get your hands on it all unless you start looking at the top tier cars of the bunch. One of these diamonds in the rough that will allow you to get your grubby mitts on a car with tons of potential is the Chevrolet Caprice police pursuit vehicle. These police cars are used for a limited time and when the law is done with them, they go to auction, giving ownership of these potentially performance oriented rides to whoever is ready to bid the highest.

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As you might have heard, these motors love all kinds of modifications and, because they are in the LS family, there are a ton of parts out there that are interchangeable and readily available.Therefore, when this PPV owner got a grip on his patrol car, the first thing he did was take it to the drag strip and from there, it only got more serious as he started slapping performance parts on it and eventually threw some nitrous into the equation. We have to say that, for what it is, this heavy boat of a car really makes for quite a decent sleeper. However, this time, it isn’t its performance that we’re showcasing the machine for. Don’t get us wrong, it runs great for what it is but there’s a little something else about it that really caught our eye.

This time, we take a walk on the wilde side when looking inside of a BigKleib34 video that takes us to Street Car Takeover out in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, each and every one of these events showcases a burnout contest that can be a lot of fun to watch but this time, let’s just say that the contest got a little bit hotter than normal.

Check out the video below that will take you inside of this massive burnout that ended with quite the ball of flames to complement it, with the best part here being that afterward, the owner didn’t really seem to care one way or another!

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