Nuclear waste Transportation from west valley power plant

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and walking outside to find that there is a ...

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and walking outside to find that there is a gigantic nuclear waste transporter hanging out down the street. That is precisely what this guy woke up to and found and the result that he filmed is nothing short of spectacular.

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With cargo weighing in at 298,000 lbs, this transporter is really something special as you can see by the plethora of axles underneath to make sure that the precious cargo isn’t going anywhere except for where it needs to be.

We can only imagine how stressed out the driver of such a setup would be even if the onboard materials weren’t hazardous, driving around something like that has to put a pretty big weight on your shoulders literally and figuratively speaking.

Check out the video below that shows the nuclear waste transport rolling through a neighborhood and getting stuck before going over some railroad tracks. When towing around something like this, planning and safety are a definite must as to avoid what could be a catastrophe if someone decides to get lazy.

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