Off-Duty Cop Interrupts Road Rage Brawl

It’s not really clear what managed to spark this road rage incident but one ...

It’s not really clear what managed to spark this road rage incident but one thing that is clear is the fact that neither one of the parties ended up winning in the long haul. This situation is really one of those things that should have been avoided at all costs. There’s absolutely no reason why you should want to get out of your car and pick a fight in the middle of traffic. Not only are you holding up everybody else who wants to travel the roads but you’re also putting yourself and others in a great deal of danger as you attempt to fight in the street with traffic rolling by just feet from your indiscretion.

This time, we check out some road rage that ended up with a couple of people squaring up and fighting in the streets but before long, an off-duty police officer would interrupt the brawl and leave these people regretting what they did. After something like this, you have to peel feel pretty dumb and if they ended up seeing this video, it probably just poured some salt in the wound, realizing how pointless something like this is, especially when you’re left to face the consequences afterward.

Someone on the scene was able to capture the whole thing on video as it unfolded in the streets with two couples fighting with one another in the middle of a busy rush-hour traffic scene. When you watch videos like this, sometimes, you’re just left to scratch your head, wondering what some people are thinking and how they manage to keep on operating on a day-to-day basis. Be sure to watch it for yourself and tell us what you think of the whole situation. Would you be willing to hop out and throw down at a moment’s notice like this? I sure wouldn’t be!

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