One BAD Hot Rod Named The Blue Nightmare Does Not Mess Around!

One of the best parts of hot rodding is that you can take your machine and mend it ...

One of the best parts of hot rodding is that you can take your machine and mend it any way that you please, giving your build all kinds of different twists and turns that make it different than the next builder’s pride and joy. Perhaps, that’s one of the best parts of hot rodding as a culture.

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This time, we check out one bad set of wheels that goes by the nickname “The Blue Nightmare” and it’s easy to tell that this thing doesn’t mess around, heck, that’s probably even an understatement! With a little bit of help from NXGonzo Video, we’re able to sit front row as the blue-clad machine does a little bit of testing to see exactly how it will perform when it goes toe to toe with the drag strip at full tilt.

Check out the video below that shows this nitrous infused monster making a test hit. As if the insane one-of-a-kind appearance wasn’t enough to win you over, it looks like this thing also proves to be handful for competition when it comes to performing on the track!

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