One Nasty Turbo JEEP vs Nitrous Mustang – Lights Out 8 Testing

When it comes to drag radial racing, you see a lot of the same car over and over ...

When it comes to drag radial racing, you see a lot of the same car over and over again. I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing, but every once in a while it’s refreshing to see something other than a Fox Body Ford Mustang blasting down the strip.

However, with that need to be different also comes a lot more work as you’re blazing your very own unique trail. More than likely, with a Jeep like this, there isn’t going to be much support in terms of drag racing performance parts out there. I would venture to think that the market of people who are doing something like this actually ends up being pretty small.

This time, though, we tune in as the nitrous aided small block Ford powered Jeep makes its way down the eighth-mile back in February at Lights Out 8 during testing. As we would find out, this thing gets a little bit rowdy, managing to keep the wheels in the air more than the driver would probably like but, one thing is for sure, the Jeep is nothing short of a head turner and one of the vehicles that would prove to be a crowd favorite! How can you deny the cool factor that comes alongside such a Jeep blasting its way down the track?

Check out the video down below as 405 Photo takes you to the scene to watch as this insane example of a Jeep turns haters into believers! These guys are definitely blazing a new trail and it will be interesting to see what happens when they get a little bit of tuning time under their belt and get to dial in all of the components that make this monster go! Perhaps we will see this thing at the top of the pack before long.

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