Permanently Fix Flat ATV Tires with TireJect?

Maintaining and replacing tires is one of those necessary evils that sometimes folks ...

Maintaining and replacing tires is one of those necessary evils that sometimes folks can forget to do. This holds especially true if you have a recreational vehicle that doesn’t see too much use and spends a lot of time sitting around. Odds are, that if you let it sit for too long the tires will start to dry rot and leak air.

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Now, in most scenarios, you would think that when you have some dry rotted tires it would simply be your only option to head out buy some new ones but this man seems to think that he has another solution to those problems altogether and you can solve them without the need to buy a new tire and it will all cost less than $10 dollars per tire.

For what he guesses to be about $5-$8 per tire, you can get this concoction that consists of liquid rubber and Kevlar to seal up all cracks within your dry rotted or otherwise leaky surface. I’m not sure if I would ever trust something like this on a machine that sees the public roadways but for an ATV or a temporary repair, it might be something that you want look into.

At the end of the day, things like this really coming down to doing your own research to make sure that it’s safe and worthy of your time and money but, on the surface, if all goes according to plan, this could come as a cheap repair for some light duty tires instead of spending the big bucks to go and buy new ones.

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