Police Officer Doesn’t Know Uber Driver Was Actually a Lawyer… Cop Gets Schooled!

If you’re driving along here in America and happen to get pulled over, you ...

If you’re driving along here in America and happen to get pulled over, you obviously have certain rights afforded to you by your Constitution as to protect you from an unjust process of law. Now, in many situations, people will simply forego their rights in the interest of hoping to speed things up but others will stick it out and fight for them!

While we see a lot of normal people who have posted videos like this one that has a North Carolina police officer telling an Uber driver that it’s illegal to record the police, this video just so happens to have the Uber driver doubling as a lawyer, throwing an all-new dynamic into the mix.

Now, there are two sides to every issue for sure, and we don’t know how this driver was acting before the camera was flipped on, but you’d think that something as hot-button as people recording the police would be an issue that this officer would be educated about.

Check out the video below that shows what happened when defense attorney Jesse Bright was pulled over for picking up a passenger from what the officers called a “known drug house.” This situation has all kinds of sticky all over it so be sure to tell us what your take is on all of this!

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