Police Rip Biker off Motorcycle After Wrecking

Police Rip Biker off Motorcycle After WreckingEnter for your chance to win the GTR ...

Police Rip Biker off Motorcycle After Wrecking

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Nobody likes to wreck when pulling off a stunt on their motorcycle. We would imagine that it’s a physically painful experience and probably is quite a bit embarrassing as well.

After this guy loses control while doing a wheelie, he ends up clipping a curb and going for a tumble. A nearby police officer must have seen it all go down because he was there in no time to stop the biker in his tracks before they could get going again.

The cop continues to tell the biker that he’s going to “impound his bike and throw his ass in jail.” We’re not sure if anything ever came of this, but the video is surely an interesting watch! Thankfully nobody was injured in this incident that was all caught on GoPro.

Think That Was Wild? Watch This, as this MORON try’s to put a don’t stop for the cops sticker on this police cruiser!!!

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