Random Guy Sits on Motorcycle Rider’s Bike… Super Awkward!

Sometimes, you are really left to wonder where exactly it is that people get their ...

Sometimes, you are really left to wonder where exactly it is that people get their idea of how they are supposed to act in public. I’m not sure if it has been more obvious in recent years because of exaggerating effect that the internet tends to have on just about everything but you have to take a look at some people and wonder exactly how it is that they had managed to function this long without ending up in some sort of trouble whether it be with a civilian or some sort of law enforcement. The person pictured in this video provides the perfect example of exactly what it is that we are talking about.

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It looks like this guy was out for a little bit of a ride on his motorcycle when he decided pull over and fuel up. As most people would probably expect, I would think thought going through his head is nothing more than getting gas and continuing back on the road again. However, when he was greeted by a man at the gas station who was maybe a little bit too interested in his motorcycle, a completely awkward and kind of unnecessary situation would unfold right in his lap. I’m not sure if this guy was just a little bit too friendly or was in some alternate reality in his head but the video that came as a result of the interaction is pretty cringy to watch.

Follow along in the situation below that shows off this man with the patience of a saint. I’m not sure about you, but I think that most people would become incredibly infuriated if they caught someone acting out in a situation like this with their personal property. After getting a load of the entire thing from start to finish down below, tell us how you think that you would have acted in a spot like that. You just can’t really tell until you are in the moment sometimes but something tells me that this guy has a cool had to be admired when compared to how many would have reacted.

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