Real Life GTA – Carjacking Nut on a Rampage in LA

Real Life GTA – Carjacking Nut on a Rampage in LAClick the image below to ...

Real Life GTA – Carjacking Nut on a Rampage in LA

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Much to the delight of the crazy people who think that video games are evil, yet another person has gone on a crime spree that very much resembles that of a game of Grand Theft Auto.

After leading police on a cinematic pursuit that took them through Downtown Los Angeles, the suspect was shortly after taken into custody, but that doesn’t mean that he went down without a fight.

Watch the video below as the driver goes from car to car as he attempts to escape the cops, meanwhile crashing into just about every other motorist on the road. This guy is downright insane!


This chase is even closer to GTA! The effects and ending are EPIC!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.47.41 PM

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