🎥 Rocket Powered Samurai Sword Cuts Drone in Mid-Flight

If you were to picture the future just a decade or so ago, most probably ...

If you were to picture the future just a decade or so ago, most probably wouldn’t think that today would look anything like it does. While many of us might have pictured a world with flying cars and lots of other high-tech gadgets, I don’t think that anybody could have predicted that we would be using said technology like it’s used in this video. A showing like this would probably make the past versions of ourselves go bananas, for better or for worse, we can’t really deduce. There would be absolutely no way that you would be able to predict that people would be taking perfectly functioning drones that are now readily available to the public and slicing them in half with flying Katanas all for the sake of making a good video for the internet. Just imagining it all from the perspective of someone in the early 2000s or before is quite the whirlwind.

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In this video, however, that’s exactly what we see as such a sword is strapped to rocket, propelled across a yard and gathers together some speed before slicing its way through a flying drone in mid air. As much as we think this technology could be put to much better use, we couldn’t help but watch it over and over again as it played back in slow motion, giving us a version that the naked eye would never be able to detect.

When slowed down in the frame by frame version, the sight is truly one to behold as the sword does ultimate damage to the drone, cutting it in half and giving you a new perspective on exactly how these machines look from the inside. Check out the video below that provides a unique look at the situation that had to come from the depths of somebody’s mind when they were really feeling a stroke of creativity. I’m not sure who thinks these things up but it definitely is a lot of fun to watch happen!

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