Running Errands in a Ferrari 330 P4 RCR- Race Car on the Street

Sure, driving around in the likes of a Ferrari 330 P4 RCR or any other race car, for ...

Sure, driving around in the likes of a Ferrari 330 P4 RCR or any other race car, for that matter, might seem like a lot of fun, in theory. The car might be flashy and bright red and looks like it’s basically begging you to smile when you’re behind the wheel of it. Who wouldn’t want to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, especially one of this stature, and drive through the streets?

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Well, in this situation, we see exactly why someone might not be so inclined to go about carrying out their regular errands in a car like this. Sure, it might perform well and look good too but the drivability of a car of this nature is basically non-existent. From how loud this thing is all the way to the massive amount of heat that it produces with no air conditioning system to counteract it, driving has to be a struggle to get from point A to B in a car like this and I can almost guarantee you that the ride is about as good as dragging yourself on the ground through flaming hot coals with no shirt on.

However, that doesn’t stop this guy from hopping behind the wheel of his Ferrari and going around town from the drive-thru at McDonald’s to the beer store and everything in between. I think it serves as just a little bit of an experiment to see how realistic driving a car like this around town would really be. It looks like the answer is “not very good.”

Check out the video below that ends up being pretty entertaining for us but probably not too great for the guy behind the wheel here. If you still can’t grasp why a powerful and fast car with luxuries like air conditioning and heated seats is such an impressive feat, then this video should really help to put things in perspective for you.

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