Santa Claus Tries to do Burnout on a Motorcycle… Ends Badly!

In a situation like this, you can’t help but feel bad for someone like the man ...

In a situation like this, you can’t help but feel bad for someone like the man on this motorcycle. He was just heading out to try and spread the Christmas spirit but got a little bit ahead of himself and ended up becoming one with a cold and hard ground instead.

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In this slice of the action, we watch a motorcycle Santa Claus attempts to do a burnout and succeeds but it’s the aftermath that leaves him hurting. Instead of being able to stop the burnout in place, it looks like the motorcycle just keeps on going and Santa is going for a ride whether he likes it or not.

We’re sure that something like this has been done hundreds of times but the fact that the rider here is dressed up like Santa just make this little blooper seem a little bit more appropriate and festive especially during this time of year!

Check out the little clip below as old St. Nick ends up going down pretty hard. From here on out, we will probably recommend that Santa sticks to his sleigh and reindeer to get around this time of year.

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