Santa Sleighs It : Ferrari Powered Toyota Santa Sled #GT4586

CRANK UP THE VOLUME!!!Enter for your chance to win this GTS viper or $50,000 in ...


Enter for your chance to win this GTS viper or $50,000 in Ca$h!
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Go ahead and wire the laptop or iPad up to that new surround sound system and use this video to wake up the kiddos on Christmas morning! What a better greeting to the happiest day of the year for your tykes than this ridiculous drift sleigh!? Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck teamed up with Gumout and Donut to create this Ferrari-powered GT86, and it is nothing but gnarly badassness, perfect for rousing the family to come open presents!

Check out the co-pilot, the jolly bearded one himself, riding along as Tuerck shreds the rear rubber and drifts the overpowered Toyota around while the sounds of the season stream in the background. While the Toyorrari is not legal for actual drift competition – it has a modified firewall, which isn’t allowed under Formula Drift rules – it will no doubt be making more appearances on YouTube and elsewhere, as it’s way too cool of a setup to keep locked away!

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