Simple Steps to Racing Your Turbo | Street Outlaws

Dominator is probably the most likable guy on Street Outlaws, but he’s had a ...

Dominator is probably the most likable guy on Street Outlaws, but he’s had a hard time adjusting to his new turbocharged setup and it’s led to some embarrassing moments. To help Dominator save himself some shame – and hopefully win a few more races – Big Chief, Daddy Dave and Boosted GT held a “Simple Steps to Racing Your Turbo” class for him, complete with a diagram on the whiteboard and a long wooden pointer that Big Chief uses to get Domiantor’s attention!

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From the basics such as making sure he is actually doing a burnout and making sure the car is in the correct gear, to more advanced topics like adding CO2 to managed the waste gate and shifter operation, the guys give Dominator a crash course in racing his newly-boosted car. The class even included a staging demonstration from Boosted, complete with turbo car sound effects!

Dominator took the lesson – and the good natured ribbing – like a champ and hopefully will be better prepared next time he lines up to race his turbocharged hotrod.

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