SMALL TIRE Racing For CASH – JJdaBoss Arm Drop

JJ Da Boss and his awesome armdrop-style shootouts have taken on a life of their own ...

JJ Da Boss and his awesome armdrop-style shootouts have taken on a life of their own after the world was introduced to them on the most recent season of Street Outlaws. The season finale featured the Memphis street racing kingpin coming to OKC to put on an armdrop race that changed up the rules a bit and caused a lot of chatter across social media. Doing away with the flashlight start totally changes the dynamic of the race, since the armdrop component means one driver can jump the start and if the other driver gives chase, the race is on. No more “jumping the start” and losing on that technicality.

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JJ and company headed to a small outlaw style track in Newport, Arkansas known as Speedy’s Newport Dragstrip for a small tire shootout that brought out some pretty badass hotrods to try out JJ’s way of doing things. As you can see, a lot of racing went down and a lot of fun was had by all. At one point, the racing had to be halted to allow a track worker to put out a small brush fire that ignited in the tall grass alongside the shutdown area, prompting Street Outlaws star Doc to jump on the mic to have a little fun with JJ.

After the fire, the racing resumed with JJ’s truck, the 4,700 pound behemoth lovingly known as “Ole Heavy” making it to the finals to take on another pickup, this one of the smaller and lighter variety. The trucks launched hard side by side, but the S10 smoked the tires, allowing Ole Heavy to jump out front and take the win by a half a truck length.  We’ll definitely see more of JJ and his Armdrop style shootouts for both small tire and big as they gain popularity across the country.


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