Someone Actually Built a Jet Powered RC Drag Car an it is Badass!

Those who visit the site frequently know that we love RC cars here at Speed Society. ...

Those who visit the site frequently know that we love RC cars here at Speed Society. We have our own collection of pretty badass RC cars, several of our guys have their own personal collections, and we love watching and sharing videos of the awesome creations that you guys create. The RC community is every bit as creative as its full size counterpart and comes up with some of the most insane creations imaginable.

We also love us some jet cars, the most ridiculously insane rides to ever hit the drag strip. These guys actually strap a jet engine in a funny car or dragster and use the thousands of pounds of thrust to hit speeds as high as 380 MPH in the quarter mile. So it only makes sense that these two components of the automotive community should be combined, and that’s exactly what you’re looking at in the video below: a jet powered RC car.

We don’t have any details about the jet engine, but it sounds very much like it’s full-sized brother, and even makes the same awesome flames the big boys make when powering down the quarter mile. The owner is just doing a little testing, keeping the car strapped to a table in the pit area. With the engine spinning up and the RPM’s screaming, the tiny turbine shrieking as the throttle stick is pushed wide open, the car actually moves the table enough that the owner has to hold it back. We would love to see this thing unleashed from the table and ripping down the RC drag strip. We can’t help but wonder what kind of speeds this little monster would be capable of reaching.

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