Squid on a Sport Bike Has NO CLUE How to do a Burnout… That Clutch is Toast!

We aren’t going to sit here and cast judgment on everybody that’s ever made a mistake ...

We aren’t going to sit here and cast judgment on everybody that’s ever made a mistake trying to do a burnout. At some point, we all miffed and got on the brakes too hard or didn’t get the car enough throttle. I can’t count the number of times I tried to do burnouts with the stupid traction control on in my WS6, only to make an absolute idiot of myself.

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We get it. It happens.

But it’s one thing to screw it up once or twice in a row before you get it right and something entirely different to just keep screwing things up to the point you roast the clutch, in this case in a healthy sounding sport bike. Over and over and over, this guy tries to coax the rear tire into a cloud of smoke and each time he just flat isn’t able to make it happen. Perhaps he’s just that stubborn, or maybe the small crowd gathered around him has his pride outweighing his intelligence, but this rider obviously isn’t going to take no for an answer until the clutch finally just gives up the ghost.

We know everybody has to learn, and the best way to learn, especially when it comes to anything related to operating a vehicle, is to learn by doing. That includes goofing of doing burnouts; you have to put in a little practice time alone in a parking lot or on some desolate back road that has no traffic. You don’t want your first time trying something to be in front of a group of people, especially when they’re all watching you. Take a lesson from this guy, get a little experience under your belt before you head out into public to show out, hopefully you can save yourself a little humiliation by learning ahead of time.

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