Street Outlaws Chuck in the Death Trap vs Head Hunter at Redemption 7.0

When it comes to no prep events like Redemption, you see good matches going down left ...

When it comes to no prep events like Redemption, you see good matches going down left and right. This time, we have yet another awesome matchup as Chuck brings the Death Trap to the line to go up against the Head Hunter Chevrolet Nova in a pairing that most certainly puts every person in attendance on the edge of their seats if not making them stand up out of their seats entirely! These are the kind of matchups that really make drag racing a sport that everyone can love and be a part of when things come down to the line.

The suspense really begins to build as both of the cars smoke their rear tires, doing a burnout to heat them up a little bit to get traction on an unprepared racing surface which seems to want to head the other direction in the way of getting rid of all traction ! It’s an interesting battle as we watch as both of these heavy hitters rocket off of the line, going down the track door-to-door and blitzing their way to the finish line while getting a little bit loose up top, almost making your heart drop!

Check out the video below for yourself from the guys over at the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel who puts you on the scene, showing you the race from a variety of different angles as these two impressive drivers and machines alike blast down the racing surface, trying to edge each other out to get to the finish line first.

With a race like this that ends up being so close all the way down the track, it really comes down to a coin flip of who is going to get together that last little head of steam that’s oh so necessary to pound the car straight through the finish line and take home that coveted win light.

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