Street Outlaws DOMINATOR Test Drives the MobileSpike Police Strip

Dominator is one of the most likable guys you’ll ever meet, so it’s ...

Dominator is one of the most likable guys you’ll ever meet, so it’s awesome to see him have this chance to participate in this training exercise with the police department.

This new device, a mobile spike strip that deploys from a police cruiser as it follows in pursuit of a suspect, giving the cops much more control over the location of the strips and preventing collateral damage that happens when innocent civilians hit the spikes intended for the fleeing suspects. The Street Outlaws star gets to climb behind the wheels and give the spikes a try in real time alongside a pickup playing the role of the suspect, and the strip works exactly as intended.

As Dominator pulls alongside and inches closer to the truck, he eases the spikes beneath it and slows, allowing the rear tires to run over the spike and flatten almost immediately, showing how effective this method is. Hopefully these devices will work to end chases quickly and help prevent unwanted damage to unintended vehicles, both of which are huge positive outcomes.

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