Street Racing Bust at More than Double the Speed Limit

As much as street racing has been blasted all over the web these days and even on ...

As much as street racing has been blasted all over the web these days and even on television shows, it’s incredibly easy to forget that there are still consequences that come around if you get caught. It might not be frowned upon by too many people in our community but, should you get detected in the act of doing it, there is still a price to pay. If you get pulled over going as fast as this racer was, it might just involve getting a shiny new pair of bracelets to go along with that rush of adrenaline that you just got from the race you participated in. Nobody ever thinks of they’re going to get caught out there but when they do, it most certainly provides a shocking moment and might even result in some heavy fines and license suspension.

This time, we head out into the streets with a collection of cars that are going head-to-head in a little bit of roll racing action. Instead of a spectator grinning from ear to ear as a couple of cars zoom by, this police officer wasn’t so happy to see racing the race going down the street and, as such, he waited for the Whipple supercharged Ford Mustang to wrap up its race with a Chevrolet Corvette before ripping up to the rear of the car and slipping on its red and blue lights, indicating that it was time for this speed competition to be over. Because the drivers were doing what looks to be twice the legal speed limit, the officer wasn’t about to let this Mustang owner go as the cuffs would be slapped on and he will be headed straight to jail to later be bailed out.

As of now, the driver behind the wheel of a car is awaiting his day in court and he can only speculate as to what’s going to happen when he tells his story to the judge. You can catch up with all of the action from the race gone wrong in the BigKleib34 video down below that was able to capture all of the action as it unfolded in front of a camera lens.

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