Student Rides Dirt Bike Through High School For Senior Prank

Senior pranks are a right of passage in high school all across America. While most ...

Senior pranks are a right of passage in high school all across America. While most are completely harmless or only result in the student or students getting in trouble with the school, some pranks cross the line and become criminal matters with the local authorities.

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This prank very nearly fell into the latter, with this student getting a close call with the district attorney after the authorities were contacted following his stunt, during which he entered the school on his dirt bike and raised a little hell on two wheels while the other students looked on. Many students recorded the prank and uploaded it to social media, which is always seems to be the first reaction for any stunt or prank.

However, the DA declined to press charges, so the school will handle the discipline for the student, and has promised to deliver “… significant school disciplinary consequences.” Hopefully they aren’t too hard on the kid. It was, after all, just a prank.

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