Teen Arrested For Riding Dirt Bike Over Student’s Foot During School Prank

When it comes to high school senior pranks, the instigator wants to think up ...

When it comes to high school senior pranks, the instigator wants to think up something that’s going to leave a mark and get the people talking about its creativity.

Now, as gear heads, we think that this prank is pretty hilarious, but it looks like one student and news outlets like Inside Edition are a little bit more uptight about pranks like this.

In the closing days of school, this 16-year-old rode his dirtbike through the hallways of his school to celebrate the waning days of books and teachers, but would soon find himself in handcuffs.

From what we’re being told, the student allegedly ran over another student’s foot and this landed him in some trouble. Now, we don’t have the full details of the situation so we can’t make a definite judgement call here, but this seems like someone is taking themselves a bit too seriously here.

Check out the news story in the video below as they give this kid no breaks and tell us what you think of the prank and its outcome. Was it too harsh or was this prank a bad idea altogether?



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