Testing CaddyJack, MITY4 VS Craigslist Killa REAL STREETS of the 405. BigRob VS Caddy Jack.

You know you’re a real OG street racer when you throw slicks and skinnies on your ...

You know you’re a real OG street racer when you throw slicks and skinnies on your daily driver Cadillac and go test it on the street to see how well it hooks, and that’s exactly what Street Outlaws star Big Chief has done with his CTS-V, which he’s named Caddy Jack. He lines up the wicked black daily for a couple of test hits on the streets to see where he’s at, because rumor has it Chief has big plans for the car down the road.

After his test session, there are a couple of races lined up, but not for cars typically seen on the streets of the 405, at least if you only know those on the show. These cars may not be quite as famous as The Crow and the Murder Nova, but they come to throw down no matter what. First up, the wicked boosted Eclipse known as MITY4 taking on the badass Mustang known as Craigslist Killa. The cars line up and the light blinks and Craigslist Killa jumps out to a huge lead over the Mitsubishi, only to have something let go in his drivetrain that ends his race just as it’s getting started. Judging by the top end pull of MITY4, it was going to be one hell of a race, so maybe the Killa will get fixed up and come back to try again.

Next up, Big Chief jumps back in Caddy Jack to take on the man behind the camera himself, Big Rob. We’ve all seen Rob’s awesome behind-the-scenes style footage from race nights with the Top 10, but this time he’s in front of the camera in his 4th Gen Camaro. Both cars leave nice and strong, with Rob pulling out the win in a great side-by-side race. We know Big Chief doesn’t take too kindly to losing, so look for Caddy Jack to have some mods done in short order and Chief to be looking for payback from Big Rob!

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