The 1 of 25 Ford Shelby Raptor is Packing a Brutal 525 Horsepower!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re a fan of the Ford Raptor, them we’re ...

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re a fan of the Ford Raptor, them we’re about to show something to you that might just blow your mind. While the Raptor has always been quite an impressive vehicle as it has been going through its paces, changing out engine combinations and different features like the suspension, always trying to become a better version of itself, this time, Shelby America has got their hands on one of these things and tries to crank up the intensity even higher. The company plans to pump out 500 of them for 2018, with just 25 in the combination that you see pictured in the video below.

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Now, you may be wondering why this is the case and why production numbers will be so low. Well, granted that the Shelby version of the truck clocks in at a starting price of $117,460, you can kind of see why they’re not going to be cranking out a ton of them. This customized and more aggressive version of the base model truck will come at almost a $50,000 price hike, says Motor Authority. For that, you get a couple of things including about 75 more horsepower, a hundred more lb-ft of torque and modifications like two-stage adjustable shock system, different wheels and tires, along with a couple of styling tweaks inside and out. I guess that you will really have to fall in love with the way that this thing looks in order to shell out all of that cash on a Ford pickup truck.

The video down below will show off the Shelby version of a fan favorite that has come to life. Will this twin turbo v6 truck that really weighs in heavy on the price scale be something that will catch on? I guess the only time will be able to tell if the truck becomes a hit or completely flops. How do you see the 2018 Shelby Raptor doing when the market gets their hands on it?



Ford Shelby Raptor

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