The 1000 HP Club – BIG POWER Street Racing INSANITY

The 1000 HP Club – BIG POWER Street Racing INSANITYClick the image below to ...

The 1000 HP Club – BIG POWER Street Racing INSANITY

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Cars come in all shapes and forms. Don’t get us wrong, there’s lots of cars that rip, but when you get a group of guys together, all making north of 1000hp, you get a truly unmatchable adrenaline rush.

This time, we check out a selection of cars, both foreign and domestic, from a nitrous induced Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to a Nissan GT-R barrage, all of which make a minimum of 1000hp.

The side by side action is incredible to watch as we’re put in the passenger seat of these gnarly machines blasting down the highway with an unquenchable thirst for victory.

You can see all of the above in the BigKleib34 video below. This might look like a blast, but be wary and because street racing can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Don’t try this at home!

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