The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: Meet the Supercar Destroying Camaro!

GM’s Camaro team has fired a shot across the bow of every performance car ...

GM’s Camaro team has fired a shot across the bow of every performance car manufacturer in the world. The 2017 ZL1 Camaro is, in a word, perfection. Inside and out, front to back, and in form and function, there doesn’t seem to be a single item in the “cons” column, a stark contrast to the pages-long “pros” list. From the aggressive new front grille that redirects fresh air through the engine bay to keep the snarling LT4 from overheating to the gorgeous wheels and badass brakes that make the ZL1 among the best handling cars on the planet, not just among its GM brethren.

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In fact, on the most ridiculous proving grounds in existence, the Nurburgring, the 2017 ZL1 outpaced some heavy hitters in the corner carving pantheon, laying down a quicker lap time than cars costing several times it’s reasonable $61,000 going rate. With a 7.29:26 lap time around the famed 11 mile German road course, the ZL1 Camaro bested the McLaren 650S Spider, Lamborghini’s Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, the Koenigsegg CCX and cross-town rival Ford’s GT350R. But more than a brute-force track ride, the Camaro also provides a comfortable ride for the driver as it’s shredding asphalt, thanks to the magnetic suspension and comfortable interior, a pleasant find in a car that’s built with such a focus on performance.

With veteran driver Randy Pobst at the helm, the ZL1 laid down the third best lap time ever around the big track at Willow Springs, coming in just behind the world-beating Porsche 918 and the insane Nissan GTR Nismo. The Camaro actually took the third and fifth-best times, third for the manual version and fifth for the 10-speed automatic, thought the lap times were nearly identical, with only three tenths of a second separating them. We’d have to say if there has ever been a performance bargain at $60K, this is it folks!

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